How to look after your Engagement and Wedding Ring

Here is our top tips on looking after your engagement ring and wedding bands to keep them safe and looking there best for years to come.

Insurance and Valuations

We would always advise that you get your Jewellery insured soon after purchase. Some insurance policies will cover the cost of a new ring if lost or stolen or in later years, pay for extensive repairs and replacement stones. We would advise carefully looking into your policy to make sure you are covered for the worst eventualities. We would recommend insurance companies like TH March who work specifically within the industry, for cover specific to your special items.

For an additional fee Amy can provide you with a retail replacement certificate for insurance purposes when buying a bespoke piece.

We advise getting your jewellery Valued by a qualified and accredited Valuer every 5 years, this will allow you to check your insurance covers you for the appropriate amount. For a directory of Registered Valuers in your area see


It’s perfectly natural for fingers to change size through the years and may need to be resized at some point. Finger size can also fluctuate on a more temporary basis; hot and cold weather, illness and pregnancy can all affect how comfortable your ring feels. On these temporary occasions we would not advise getting your ring sized each time as sizing can weaken the setting and shank. Feel free to get in touch if you have any concerns about sizing and Amy will be happy to help.


Getting into a routine of always keeping your rings in one place when not worn will protect them from getting lost or damaged. We would advise putting your rings in a secure jewellery box and ideally keeping rings separate rather than stacked next to one another to avoid rubbing.

When travelling, make use of hotel safes to store your rings when they are not being worn.

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